Wasted Collective Earth Shoes 01

Earth Shoes 01


A series that explores the powerful contrasts that exist within the cultural and natural landscapes of Bali. The dark and the light, sharp volcanic rock against a fluid sea, the heat of day merging with the cool of night. Acknowledging the beauty and the chaos, and finding balance in between.

Earth Shoe 01 is crafted from existing waste to reduce future waste. Recycled and crafted industrial materials reimagined to maximise the practice of walking. Made for any kind of adventure – from the planned to the spontaneous. Designed to take your journeys further.


We use forgotten materials from production chains to make our Earth Shoes comfortable and functional. Our ‘Wasted Foam’ inners are made from mainstream sneaker rubber, which we grind and repurpose into recycled inner soles using Rewalk™ mold technology.