Our Story

Beautifully Sustainable Products For a Brighter Future.

“We believe in good times and doing good for the planet.”

- Ronald Akili, Founder

Sorry For Being Wasted

Wasted Collective creates beautiful products that are sustainable without compromise, because we believe you should never have to choose between style and your impact on the planet. With rare vibes, wild ideas, and enough creative chaos to keep things interesting, we’re on a mission to make the best things in life a little easier on Planet Earth.

We know that making small, positive changes to the way we live can have an enormous impact when we act as a collective. Let’s move forward together.

Our Materials

Always Progress, Never Perfection.

We mix future-minded materials and traditional craft techniques to create something great to wear that’s better for the planet.

Eco Life Cotton

Closed loop recycled cotton that feels better than brand new – spun into yarn that’s just the right weight for tees and fleece. Our cotton starts in Spain at the EcoLife® yarn mill, spun from a 50/50 blend of recycled cotton and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, which is the world's largest cotton sustainability program. It then travels to Los Angeles, to be knit, cut, and sewn in our ethical factory. Every pound of EcoLife® saves nearly 6 square miles of land cultivation, over 2000 gallons of water, and 7.85 lbs of CO2 compared to conventionally grown cotton.

Washi Cotton

Lightweight, soft, and strong - there’s a lot to love about Washi. With a summery feel, this wrinkle-free fabric keeps you cool whatever the weather. Our Washi is created in Japan from tree bark fibers, using craft techniques dating back 1400 years. These extra long fibers make Washi uniquely durable, breathable and fluff-free. Washi is an eco-friendly fiber that needs only a small percentage of the land required to farm traditional cotton, and uses proportionally less water too, maximizing space, resources and good times.


Secondhand gets a second life. Our ReCraft products are produced for us by a small family-owned cut-and-sew house in LA known for small batch sustainable production. The collection starts with salvaged workwear, which is carefully deconstructed to preserve the details that make each garment unique. After these different materials are stitched together into one-of-a-kind ReCraft creations, we give them a wash and a stylish, eco-friendly dye treatment. The result?. Thoughtful design and lived-in cool with less carbon footprint.

Recycled Fishing Net Hardware

Not only are abandoned fishing nets the ocean’s biggest source of plastic pollution, they also tangle, trap and injure our beautiful marine wildlife. Not cool! With our manufacturing partners in Japan, we’re working to put all those wasted nets to good use by clearing them out of the ocean and transforming them into snazzy, fully-recycled garment hardware. That means every time you button up, you’re contributing to a cleaner ocean and doing sea creatures a major solid.

(GOTS) Certified Organic Cotton

Meet the gold standard of cotton. Our (GOTS) Certified Organic Cotton meets the very highest ecological and labor standards from fiber to garment. Grown on small-scale farms that rely more on rainwater than irrigation, our Organic Cotton uses 91% less ‘blue’ groundwater than average cotton. Our cotton is also cultivated without harmful chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, producing 46% less CO2e than conventional cotton while nurturing healthy soil that captures carbon from the atmosphere.

Our Approach

Moving Forward Together.

We believe that small changes can have an enormous impact if we make them as a collective.

Sustainable Packaging

Less is more

All of our packaging materials are made from fully recycled content, created by Ecoenclose and NoIssue. We use exclusively water-based inks on our mailers, tape and boxes to make sure that every element in your shipment is fully recyclable.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Provided through Cloverly

Every order is carbon offset to ensure that our shipping does not harm our planet. We use Cloverly to make deliveries carbon neutral, calculating and offsetting the environmental impact of deliveries using real time information on shipping weight and destinations. 

Learn More About Cloverly

The Wasted Studio

Our sustainable innovation lab

The Wasted Studio is our center for purposeful design in Bali, Indonesia. There, we collaborate with leading designers from around the world to breathe new life into common pollutants – plastics mostly, collected from oceans and rivers or diverted from a landfill.

Right now, it’s where we make the plastic beads for our drawstrings, but we’re also working on hardware for shoes and apparel as well as furniture and housewares.

Always Experimenting...

Sharing innovations for the greater good

Our ultimate goal at Wasted Studio is to use experimentation and innovation to build a new supply chain, inspire change, and work together for a better world. We want to erase the idea of waste and turn it into something special – useful, lasting materials that will carry us into the future.

We’re always interested to know what you think about our approach and our products - feel free to reach out and share what you are working on and thinking about.