“Wasted Walks #001 : Trash Trails ”

    “Wasted Walks; a community gathering where together we walk with purpose. Sign up to our newsletter for upcoming walking events near you.”

In life we can take the easy road, and live a life of comfort and ease. Or we can choose to take a path ofchallenge and through that you may struggle to reach your destination.

We believe through the struggle is where we truly grow. Where we meet people, go places, and achieve things we would never had imagined.

Walk a path for something you truly believe in.
Whichever road you decide to take,

Walk with Purpose.

Bear foot silhouette

Wider shape for maximum surface area,
increased stability and performance

'Waste' mesh upper

100% recycled mesh with flex
air flow technology

Balance strap

Arch support for increased
walking stability

Rewalk™️ sole

100% recycled grind rubber
with Rewalk™️ mold technology

Made for walking Crafted from waste



Made from 97% recycled material saved from the earth

'Walk... Don't Run'