ReUse Vintage Crew by Geoff McFetridge


ReUse Vintage Crew by Geoff McFetridge

Color: Vintage Navy
Size: S
Classic vintage gets a modern makeover with our ReUse program, which breathes new life into old faithfuls. Dyed and printed in Los Angeles, one-of-a-kind and limited edition piece features a message of regeneration from artist and eco-enthusiast Geoff McFetridge. Get lost or wasted with a wardrobe that’s in it for the long haul.

Sorry for being Wasted...


ReUse celebrates the beauty of vintage imperfection - in color and fit. We've hand-selected each garment and taken it through a special cleaning process before collaborating with friends to give new life to an (almost) forgotten classic.

Don’t throw away. ReUse.

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Wasted x Geoff McFetridge

We teamed up with our buddy and artist, Geoff, who loves vintage sweatshirts.

Limited Edition

Each piece is one of 99 and no two are the same.

Hand Selected Vintage

We sifted though hundreds of vintage blue crewnecks and picked our favorites. Each piece has been thoroughly sorted, measured, and checked for color and weight.