Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets

By Supply LLC

Sustainable closet staples, designed eco-consciously with commitment to long-lasting comfort, allow you to navigate the warm weather with stylish ease. Trust us, when decompressing looks and feels this good, it won’t matter whether you’re in the office or out on the town: everyday is a vacation day.

diptych of man wearing Wasted Collective shirt

Crafted from climate-friendly materials to keep you (and the planet!) cool, each piece prioritizes environmental conservation. Between our upcycled surplus garments, go-to 100 percent recycled cotton, biodegradable rayon and repurposed fishing nets, you can hit the trail or traverse the city streets with a clear conscience. Inspired by the rigorous Los Angeles-Bali travel route, creative director Jesse Levya sought to bridge the gap between leisure and occasion wear to elevate the long-haul experience in style.

"Many of these pieces are now staples in my everyday wardrobe"


“[I thought] how could these pieces be even better, with planet friendly materials and crafted in new ways for better utility?” he says. “Many of these pieces are now staples in my everyday wardrobe — leaving me free to chase sunsets ever since.”

diptych featuring shot of woman wearing Wasted Co Traveler Vest and a man wearing Wasted Co. Traveler Pants

Uncover the intrepid traveler within with Bali-inspired and atmospheric prints, or express your free spirit with subtle tie-dye cargos. Our multipurpose, lightweight outerwear keeps you sun safe, while the snap-hem short-sleeve is the perfect attire for that backyard party, beach bonfire and everywhere in between. Designed with your bustling seasonal itinerary in mind, the Chasing Sunsets collection reflects every summertime mood.

A hazy image of a purple pink sunset with the Wasted Co logo superimposed at the center.

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