Sounding Off with Geoff McFetridge

Sounding Off with Geoff McFetridge

By Supply LLC

Recruited as a designer for the seminal films ‘The Virgin Suicides’ and ‘Her’, the Los Angeles-based Canadian has also led projects for cultural leaders Stussy, Girl Skateboards and Patagonia, with his signature sense of humor.

For Wasted Collective, Geoff marries eco-conscious ethos with maximal minimalism to offer a unique perspective on ‘wasted’ with an exclusive capsule collection.

Stay tuned for our Geoff McFetridge limited edition recycled cotton tee, Japanese Washi pocket tee, EcoLife crew and Japanese Washi six-panel cap launching September 8th, and read on for some cheeky quick fire questions with the man himself. 

Close up image of Geoff McFetridge in Yellowstone National Park

What are five things currently inspiring you?

  • Sailrite sewing machine - I had borrowed my friend Yanco’s machine for over a year. It is great to have a machine that you can work with and fix really heavy materials and sails. I just bought my own machine this summer.
  • Hyperlite Junction Backpack
  • I bought (almost) every Basic Channel record on vinyl — they are all still in print.
  • Talens Plakkaatverf Gouache - This is like CMYK paint in a small box, so you can mix every possible color. This is a nice travel/outdoor set up as an alternative to hard palettes. You get this really rich color and I think for digital people it is pretty intuitive to mix using red, yellow, blue, black and white.
  • I just bought this tiny trash can you attach to your belt, by Fishpond. It is for holding the clippings of line you cut off fishing, otherwise these plastics go in the river.

What are you reading?

  • Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtrey
  • K-Punk by Mark Fisher (ongoing non-linear book of collected works)
  • Tracing Time: A Season with Rock Art on the Colorado Plateau by Craig Child

What are you watching?

  • Midnight Diner
  • The Story of Cinema: An Odyssey by Mark Cousins
  • People Just Do Nothing 
A tee-shirt, pants, and shoes placed on a bench to look like a person sitting

What’s currently playing in your studio?

  • Köln Concert, Keith Jarret
  • Solo Concerts, Keith Jarret
  • Requiem For a Dying Planet, Ernst Reijseger And Mola Sylla
  • The Stone Roses
  • Nightfall: The Cal Arts Sessions, Charlie Haden & Chuck Taylor
  • KLF, Chill Out

How would you describe your personal style?

California Fishing Dad style — bought from Sears in 1989.

Image of Geoff McFetridge in Yellowstone National Park

What are your words to live by?

When I am drawing, and I don't like the drawings, I am glad because it means I am getting them out of the way of the useful drawings that are to come.

If you could instantly change the world in one way, what would you do? 

No smart phones.

What’s your dream project?

It is all one project.