Easy Eco-Friendly Hacks to Make Your Bathroom More Sustainable

Easy Eco-Friendly Hacks to Make Your Bathroom More Sustainable

By Supply LLC

A more sustainable life doesn’t just happen overnight – it’s the result of a hundred happy little changes we make to our habits over time.

In this ongoing series, we’ll be tackling your house room-by-room, offering beautiful sustainable hacks to reduce waste, use fewer resources, and make eco-friendly swaps for the things you use everyday. Remember – when it comes to sustainability; it's about progress, not perfection. Start with one thing from this list, and see how it feels!

Water-Saving 101

The Rinse-Only Rule

Don’t leave the water running while you’re brushing your teeth or washing your face. Save that sweet sweet water for rinsing!

Shorten Your Showers

Can you cut back on your shower time? By a minute? By a couple seconds? Tightening up your daily routine even a little bit will save tons of water and energy over time. Advanced option – install a low-flow shower head.

Bring A Bucket

If you’ve got a shower/bath combo, use the bath tap while you’re waiting for that water to heat up. Collect that too-cold water in a bucket and use it to give your plants a shower!

Instant Low-Flow Toilet

If you’re not into the “let it mellow” lifestyle, you can add a couple bricks to your toilet tank (or install one of these babies) to and save .08 gallons with every flush.

Trade Out Your T.P.

Want to hear something crazy? 27,000 trees are cut down every day to make products that we  flush down the toilet. Make it make sense!

Trade in your standard TP for tree-free rolls made from recycled fibers or bamboo. Better yet – try a bidet!

a roll of sustainable toilet paper

Reuse, Refill + Ditch the Disposables

Second only to our kitchens, our bathrooms tend to have the largest quantity of single-use plastics and disposables in the whole house. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Next time you run out of something in your routine, try one of these more sustainable swaps:

Cotton Rounds

here’s a whole world of alternatives to the classic cotton round out there – but if you’ve got an old T-shirt you can make your own.

A stack of reusable fabric cotton rounds.

Cotton Swabs

Go for biodegradable> bambooinstead of the classic cotton/plastic version. Better yet – dump disposables altogether and try out a swab made from reusable silicone!

A Silicone reusable cotton swab.

Dental Floss

Standard floss is made from coated nylon, which takes 50-80 years to decompose and often comes in a disposable plastic container. Try out compostable silk or bamboo floss for a plastic-free alternative.


Use razors with replaceable heads instead of disposables or go old school with a classic metal safety razor.

Shampoo + Soap

Opt for solid soaps over bottled hand wash, and give shampoo bars a try! You can also cut down on plastic and extra packaging by opting for brands that use glass bottles or offer refills.

Shower Curtain Liners

Pick a fabric version over your standard PVC or vinyl option. PVC is the most toxic plastic in terms of environmental impact, and fabric can be laundered again and again!


Cut back on plastic waste by using a toothbrush with a replaceable brush head or – say it with us now – try bamboo!

A pair of sustainable bamboo toothbrushes


Toothpaste tablets are a genius minty-fresh alternative to the standard plastic tube.

A glass container full of pill shaped dry toothpaste tablets.

Better Beauty + Grooming 

Let’s be realistic – when it comes to our skincare, beauty and grooming products, the heart wants what it wants. Your most beloved products may be less simple to swap for an eco alternative that performs the same way, BUT there’s still room to make more sustainable choices. If you can, opt for products with plastic-free or recycled packaging, recycling + refill programs, non-synthetic ingredients, and/or Climate Neutral certifications.

While you’re at it, make your closet more sustainable too!

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