All About Our Beads

All About Our Beads

By Supply LLC

We believe that a sustainable life can be beautiful without compromise – if you are willing to get a little creative.

For us, that means finding the design potential in waste, off-cuts and odd bits (and occasionally taking our local trash collector out for drinks). We work with a number of partners, but the majority of this work happens at The Wasted Studio – our center for purposeful design/mad scientist lab in Bali, Indonesia, where we work with designers from around the world to put common pollutants to good use.

Detail shots of The Wasted Studio showing screen printing supplies

If you're curious about what this work looks like, well, look no further than the end of your drawstring. Those groovy psychedelic beads on our hoodies and sweats are made entirely from plastic waste diverted from landfills and collected from our lovely oceans and rivers. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Triptych image showing the bead making process.

Today it's beads, but we're hard at work on tomorrow's goal of making as much of Wasted's apparel hardware as possible from recycled plastic waste. Plus, we're experimenting with some cool accessories, housewares and furniture because – why not? It's all a part of the master plan to erase the idea of waste by turning it into something special.

A photo diptych showing a pile of post consumer waste in a landfill and a pile of bead blanks

If you'd like to learn more about The Wasted Studio and our sustainable design philosophy, mosey on over to Our Story page.

Swirly. Sustainable. Sweet.

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