7 Super Simple Things To Do With Your Old T-Shirt

7 Super Simple Things To Do With Your Old T-Shirt

By Rex Pachuta

Here are seven ways that even your grungiest old tee can dodge the landfill and become a productive member of society.

Gift it or sell it.

One person’s trash is another person’s fit pic. If your shirt is still in great shape but no longer your vibe, keep it in circulation by giving it to a friend, taking it to a consignment shop, or selling it on Depop.

Demote it.

There are shirts for prime time and shirts for dirty work. If your T-shirt has aged out of the first category, demote it to chores, workouts, lounging or incognito mode.

Bring it back from the grave.

White T-shirt gone dingy in the wash? Try reviving it with an OxiClean soak, or go ye olde cottagecore route by spritzing it with lemon juice and letting it bleach in the sun for a few days.

Donate it – maybe.

Donating to thrift stores and charity shops can be a great option for high quality, hot label or hilarious vintage T-shirts. But be selective – if you can’t imagine buying it, they probably can’t sell it, and your old tee might end up getting trashed or incinerated. Which would be a bummer.

Recycle it.

The fibers from your old T-shirts can get broken down, recycled, and sustainably repurposed into cool new T-shirts (like ours for instance). See if your tee’s manufacturer has a recycling program, or drop it off at your friendly neighborhood textile recycling center.

Cut it up and put it to work.

No sewing skills? No problem. Cut that old tee into squares and use in place of paper towels for cleanups. Sewing skills? The world is yours. Turn that tee into reusable makeup removers, grocery totes, or produce bags.

When all else fails – give it to your dog.

Be a hero to the dog in your life by turning that old tee into their favorite new toy. Just cut it into strips, and then it’s as simple as knot, braid, knot.

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